This web site does not exist to show what great web designers we are - the best thing that can be said about this site's design is "functional." This site is here to create band awareness, get our music heard, and distribute our albums.

That being said, the purpose of this page is to give props to the tools and services we used to bring all this magnificance to you.

The (latest incarnation of the) site is spun with SiteSpinner.

Graphics courtesy of PhotoImpact.

Audio files courtesy of the Audacity open source project.

Physical album layout courtesy of SureThing.

We are currently hosted by PowWeb.

        ....running on Apache

        ....running on Linux

And I know just about everything these days can play all the major digital media formats, but I still have a thing for WinAmp.
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Apacha HTTP Server project page (opens in new window)
Wikipedia entry for Linux (opens in new window)
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Powweb home page (opens in new window)
Audacity project home page (opens in new window)
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