So what does Laconia Corporation sound like?

Yes we do have a sound. It's not techno, industrial, metal, swing, jaz, reggae, ska, country, new age, goth, progressive, alternative, or pure pop. It's not a lot of things.

It is rock/alternative/pop, but it's not guitars and more guitars. We've seen a keyboard or two; we know how to turn on and off the distortion pedal; and we know what (most of) those funny effect buttons do. It's clear from some of our stuff that we came of age in the 1980's, but we are not an 80's band. We like variety, musically and lyrically, but there is a common theme in our music and the song structure is generally in a commercial format and length: intro/verse/refrain/verse/refrain/solo/verse/refrain/end and so on (we have a predeliction at times to name songs without using any words from the refrain, but we can be talked out of that by any number of big-name record producers, should one wish to take up the charge). We have also been known to slip an instrumental in when no one was looking (and in the early years, trust us, no one was looking).

We only record our own original compositions. There are enough people playing other people's music. We have been known to play other's music for fun, perhaps with a few alterations (love 'ya Al), but you will not find it on our albums.

To really get it, listen to some songs, or better yet,  spring for an album or some tracks.
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